Your Samsung and Apple repairs are simple and convenient with the Mail-in Service. Our unique program is designed for non-locals who wish to have an iPad , iPhone, iPod or Samsung repair service. This simple, yet effective program allows you to get your device repairs completed by trusted and professional technicians even if you are states away.



    1. Download the Mail-In Services formWe encourage you to download, complete, and print the forms below.



    2. Mail In your DevicePackage your Samsung device, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with the completed form. We recommend you track and insure your package. Mail your package to:

      Barry’s Computer Consulting & Repair
      1213 Longmeadow Dr.
      Glenview IL 60025

    3. Receive Technical Assessment from Barry’s Computer Consulting & Repair
      Once your Device has been received, you will get a phone call from a Barry’s Computer Consulting & Repair. We will review your form, evaluate the Device, and give you an estimated time frame and charges for the completion of repairs. Most repairs are completed the same day they are received. Depending on additional repairs needed or parts ordering, time frames may vary.
    4. Receive Your Device Looking as Good as New!
      Once the repairs are finished, we will mail back your device for free via 2-day Priority Mail with delivery confirmation and insurance. If you would like your device back sooner, you may request this in advance for a small fee.
    5. Yes! It Really is That Simple
      Life can get hectic, but getting your Device repaired doesn’t have to be a hassle. Utilize BCCR’s Mail-in Service to get great service and a timely repair every single time. Once you have experienced the ease of BCCR’s Mail-in Service, you will never use another repair service again.


What if I Don’t have an Electronic Device Repair Service in My Area?

No problem! The Barry’s Computer Consulting & Repair Repair Mail-in Service has you covered. Regardless of where you live, you can have the professional team at Barry’s Computer Consulting & Repair repair your Apple or Samsung device through our convenient program.

Why Choose Barry’s Computer Consulting & Repair for your Device Repair?

If you want affordable and quality Samsung or Apple repair, BCCR’s repair services are very appealing. We are a trusted source of Samsung and Apple repairs based in Glenview, and are able to provide our expertise across the country with our innovative Mail-in Service. All you have to do is send the device to us. Repair is then done in a timely and efficient manner, typically the same day. The process is simple and our affordable and great service will meet your needs.